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e commerce companies

e commerce companies

What is E-Export?


E-export is an export model that refers to the sale of any product or service abroad. In short, e-export is "sending the products or services sold through e-commerce to the customer abroad within the framework of micro export rules".e commerce companies In other words, e-export is the intersection of e-commerce, micro-export and the online customer abroad. It can also be defined as an electronically supported version of traditional exports. Micro-export is an easier method of e-export.e commerce companies This type of export, which involves the process of selling products or services to online consumers abroad through e-commerce sites or online marketplaces, has led to the development of the international transportation sector. E-export specialist, authorized express cargo companies undertake the order deliveries of companies selling products via e-export all over the world.


What is E-commerce?


    E-commerce is the trading of products and services through websites with advertising, sales, distribution and various payment options, or making transactions such as placing orders through online systems. In short, e-commerce is the conduct of traditional trade on the internet or mobile.e commerce companies The aim of e-commerce is to let customers shop with pace and convenience. The primary objectives of e-commerce are to deliver products and services to the customer quickly, to be convenient for the user, to provide security for purchasing processes, to ensure that the infrastructure of the e-commerce system is strong and open to development. Thus, users consider the majority of certain possibilities and can adopt the e-commerce method.e commerce companies This is the most basic purpose. Commonly used E-commerce systems are B2C (Business to Customer) company-to-customer e-commerce and the other is B2B (Business to Business) company-to-company e-commerce system. The biggest difference between the two systems is the customer base. While B2B e-commerce transactions are made from company to company, B2C e-commerce systems are made from company to customer.

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