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web design logo

web design logo

The website, which can also be considered as a part of corporate identity design, is actually one of the main elements of advertising and marketing.web design logo Even if the brand does not promise a product or service to end users, it will definitely have a web page with its own name in order to increase its awareness and create customer loyalty. If we examine carefully, we can see that in today's well-crafted websites, functionality comes to the fore as much as visuality as the expected benefit of a website is to sell the product, service or idea or to reinforce the corporate image.web design logo Before doing all this, the texts and images to be used on the website should be carefully selected and segmented so that you do not experience confusion when the website design process begins.

When planning the content of your corporate website, your corporate identity should be taken into consideration first.web design logo After the color and graphic work selected in accordance with your corporate identity, the most important issue should be the ease of use of the site. Care should be taken to ensure that the body of text does not exceed 2/3 of the entire screen.

Requirements for a successful corporate website

1.    Well designed, in accordance with current web trends
2.    Well programmed and utilizing up-to-date technologies
3.    Containing online info forms where visitors can reach the corporation anytime
4.    Original, sufficiently informative
5.    Offering detailed visuals and more information to those who seek it
6.    Constantly updated and renewed content,
7.    Short loading times even at the slowest speeds
8.    Web visitor analysis can be done within
9.    Self-renewing according to the results of the analysis

In addition to all these, web design logo an advertising plan should be made and feedback from visitors should be obtained, a comparison with similar sites should be made and the corporate website should be promoted in suitable ways in order to promote and effectively use the website.

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